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Ayodhya Darshan

Ayodhya, known as “Dharma Ki Nagari”, birth place of Lord Rama is one of the Hindu Religious cities in India. Our hotel's staff would love to provide you with more information about the city's best attractions at our 24-hour travel desk. There are so many point of attraction to see in Ayodhya. Now there are some below at a distance from Hotel.

Ram Janam Bhoomi (2.5km)

Ramjanam bhoomi (birth place of Lord Shree Ram Chandra) is one of the major pilgrimage centres of the Hindus in Ayodhya.

Visiting Time:

  • Summers - 07:00AM to 11:00PM & 02:00PM to 06:00PM
  • Winters - 07:00AM to 11:00PM & 02:00PM to 05:00PM
  • Entry Fees - Free of Cost
  • Special Instruction - Not allowed Mobile, Laptop, watches, metals, Hand bags etc. Locker & wheel chairs available.

Dashrath mahal(2.2km)

Known as Bada asthan Palace of Ayodhya King dashratha.

Visiting Time:

  • 08:00 AM to 12:00 & 04:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Entry Fees - Free of Cost

Kanak Bhawan(2.4km)

According to local legends, Queen Kaikayi, Lord Rama’s stepmother had gifted this palace to Goddess Sita, her newly arrived daughter-in-law and step son Rama.

Visiting Time:

  • 8 am-11.30 am & 4.30 pm-8.30 pm.

Hanuman Garhi (2.0km)

Legend has it that Hanuman lived here in a cave and guarded the Janambhoomi or Ramkot. The main temple contains the statue of Maa Anjani, with Bal Hanuman seated on her lap. The devotees believe that all their wishes are granted with a visit to this holy shrine.

Visiting Time:

  • 5 AM to 11 PM

Nageshwarnath temple(.6km)

The temple of Nageshwarnath is said to have been established by Kush, the son of Rama. Legend has it that Kush lost his armlet, while bathing in the Saryu, which was picked up by a Nag-Kanya, who fell in love with him. As she was a devotee of Shiva, Kush erected this temple for her. It is said that this has been the only temple to have survived till the time of Vikramaditya, the rest of city had fallen into ruins and was covered by dense forests. It was by means of this temple that Vikramaditya was able to locate Ayodhya and the sites of different shrines here. The festival of Shivratri is celebrated here with great pomp.

Visiting Time:

  • : 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Saryu Ghat(.7km)

Saryu Aarti timings summer 6pm, winter 5pm. At walking distance From Hotel’s Saryu river finds mention in ancient Hindu scriptures such as the Ved and Ramayan. Literally translating to ‘that which is streaming’, it flows through Ayodhya, and as is believed, rejuvenates it and washes away impurities.

Ram ki Pairi is the Saryu riverfront with a large stretch of ghats and gardens, skirted by a row of temples. It is visited by hundreds of devotees who come here to take a holy dip throughout the year on various religious occasions.

Visiting Time:

  • : All Time


This is the place where some parts of sanjivni Booti fell off while Lord Hanuman was carrying the huge mountain of Sanjivni Booti to Lanka to save injured Lakshman, brother of Lord Rama. The hillock, about 65 feet high, was later named as Mani Parvat.

Guptar Ghat(12km)

It is believed, by localites, that this is the place where Lord Ram took his last dip to end his life (‘jal Samadhi'). The other version is that this is the ghat where Lord Ram drowned himself and left this earth and gone back to his abode 'Vaikunta' as Lord Vishnu.

Nandi Gram(35km)

This place also known as Bharat Khund & believed to be the site where Bharat, the brother of Lord Rama did tapasya (deep meditation) for his return from exile and ruled the kingdom of Kosala on Lord Rama’s behalf.

Swami Narayan Chappaya(40km)

It is the birthplace of Lord Swaminarayan. Lord Swaminarayan was born there on 3 April 1781 as Ghanshyam. This village became a pilgrimage destination for his followers worldwide.

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